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Concrete Batching Plants Manufacturers introduce of the world

Camelway Machinery is a Concrete and Aggregate Manufacturer in Henan, China Since 1983, Before Customer Choose us as Concrete Batching Plant Supplier, They may compare the batching plants of multiple suppliers, This side of the article introduces some of the common suppliers, the ranking is not successively.

Concrete Batching Plants Manufacturers

Camelway Machinery in Henan, China, Founded in 1983, One of the earliest manufacturers of concrete mixing plants in China, the concrete mixing plant has been involved in many famous construction projects.

Sany, a global mechanical giant, has a wide range of products, the batching plants is a small one of it's products.

Ammann Group, based in Germany, The Elba series conconcrete batching plant it produces is very popular.

SCHWING GmbH, based in The main product is concrete pump truck, which was acquired by Xugong, China.

CIFA, Located in Italy, In 2014, it was bought by ZOOMLION, and it is currently owned Zoomlion Heavy Industry.

BHS, based in Germany, have a rich product line, Its VSI series sand making machine has high performance and receives market recognition.