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Concrete Mixer Truck, Transit Mixer, Concrete Transport Trucks

A Concrete mixer truck (also called transit mixer, concrete transport truck, construction vehicle, mixer truck, cement mixer, cement mixer truck, concrete mixer truck, mixer truck, volumetric mixer truck, agitator truck)are Used to transport concrete for uses in pavements, structures, and buildings. Haul distances must allow discharge of concrete within half hours, but limit may be waived under certain circumstances. The concrete mixing transport truck maintains the material's liquid state through agitation, or turning of the drum, until delivery. Camelway truck mixers provide a wide range of variants and options. Thanks to the reliably high quality of our products, we guarantee economic concrete transport. Our Concrete Mixer Truck is designed to transport and distribute concrete with a maximum specific gravity of 2400 kg/m³, The unit are consists of truck chassis and drum mixer.

Transit Mixer

Our Concrete Mixer Truck can mixing concrete complete, No central mixing plant needed, only a batching plant, since concrete is completely mixed in truck mixer.


In order to hoist the equipment, use the hooking points provided on the equipment and indicated in red or by indicator signals.


Should separate modules have to be lifted (concrete mixer kit) harness the individual packages appropriately and safely, observing the general rules of safety for suspended loads. WARNING. Nobody must remain in the range of action of the load.

In order to transport the equipment when fully assembled (but not mounted on the truck chassis) use the four stabilisers fitted to the equipment, or suitable points of its chassis, as resting points. In order to transport the equipment in separate modules, suitable containers for packing must be prepared (e.g. concrete mixer kit).